Overcoming Networking Anxiety

Introduction Networking. Depending on who you talk to the word conjures up a variety of emotions, everything from excitement through to fear, loathing and trepidation. Numerous writers and business professionals have extolled the merits and advantages of networking. Writer Keith Ferrazzi in his book “Never Eat Alone” shares his personal [...]

Activity Generates Success

“Activity generates success”. Those three sage words of advice were the first I received on my first job after graduating from Queen’s University in August 1978. I was offered a position as Coordinator of Co-operative Education at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. The person who was my first full-time boss [...]

Re-Thinking Employment Equity

Introduction In one of the Human Resources classes I teach one of my students recently asked the following question:  Why, after more than thirty years since the passage of Canada’s Employment Equity Act have there been no changes in the composition of the four designated groups (i.e. Women, Visible Minorities, [...]

Consistency Matters

Introduction Consistency matters in today’s workplace.  I was reminded of this fact the other day as I opened the Sports section of my newspaper and reviewed the NHL hockey standings.  “Darn those Maple Leafs” We are past the mid-point of the NHL hockey season.  Those of us who follow the [...]