Because in today’s competitive workplace everybody needs a little edge

Customized, Tailored, Client-Centred Approach

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to provide managers, employees and individuals with the skills, perspectives and insights necessary to survive and thrive in today’s competitive workplace.

It is our vision to create a comfortable and sharing forum through which businesses, organizations and individuals can realize their full potential.

Our Approach

Our approach to coaching is client-centred. Before we embark upon any coaching engagement we take the time to find out about who you are including your wants, needs, and expectations. Coaching is built on trust, and trust only emerges when there is honesty in a reciprocal relationship infused with respect.

We offer prospective clients an initial free, no obligation telephone consultation.

As a client you also have the right to tailor the coaching approach and schedule to suit your personal needs and requirements.


Trust is the essence of a fulfilling coaching relationship, and trust cannot be established without integrity that is clearly demonstrated by the coach towards their clients.


Openness requires an understanding that what is shared in confidence always remains private.


Goals and ambitions that aren’t grounded in practicality are nothing more than aimless daydreams. Empowerment is realized when goals are both measurable and realistic, and when you have a plan to get there.


Any coaching arrangement has to be efficient for the client; meaning, that it needs to be realistic, affordable, and produce results with reasonable effort. We are committed to working with you to help you address and develop solutions that are tangible and will contribute to your future success.

Community Matters

Community is the essence upon which our business is built, and our commitment to our community and neighbours permeates everything that we say and do.


We are committed to upholding the highest professional standards in coaching, and that includes abiding by obligations set out by the International Coaching Federation of which we are a member.