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HR Consulting Services Designed to Fit Your Business Needs

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible human resources support for our valued clients. Let’s talk!

From time to time business owners and HR Departments need to address critical problems in their operations. Often, they may not have the existing resources or time to devote to these undertakings. This is where engaging us as a Human Resources Consultant can be beneficial.

As a trained and certified Human Resources professional with over forty years experience I work with leaders to address critical problems or issues in their organizations. Here is a sample of some of the Human Resources Consulting services we provide:

Job Description Preparation

Gathering critical information with which to design, develop and write job descriptions.

Policy Writing

Writing and developing policies on a wide variety of topics to address legal issues or educate your employees.


Evaluating your existing practices to ensure compliance with all applicable federal and provincial laws;

Occupational Health and Safety

Evaluating your organization’s health and safety practice to ensure compliance, train employees and evaluate and minimize risk.

Business Continuity Planning

Reviewing your existing business protocols to identify potential risks, and identifying strategies to ensure your business can continue operating even during emergencies.

Employee Training and Development

Designing, developing and conducting training programs on a myriad of issues critical to your business.

Recruitment and Talent Management

Providing full spectrum hiring support from developing job descriptions and postings through to interviewing, selection and onboarding.

Employee Retention Programs

Evaluating your organization’s practices to identify “hot spots”, and working to address turnover concerns and resolve inequities.

Dispute Resolution

Working with your management team to identify root causes of friction among your team, and developing proposals to resolve workplace conflict.

One unique service we offer is a detailed HR Audit. Our unique Audit questionnaire provides business owners like you with an informative, accurate gauge on the status of your company’s existing Human Resources’ structure, and particularly, its degree of legislative compliance.

We offer a variety of contractual and financial arrangements from hourly to per diem that can be tailored to your exact requirements. Please contact us for a non-obligation consultation.